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Sleek & Beautiful

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Sleek & Beautiful

A work from the shooting

The secret lies in a controlled shot before the release. Nothing is left to chance ! everything is perfectly orchestrated.

Sleek & Beautiful

An exceptional material

We provide all our technical and artistic know-how

Sleek & Beautiful

Pro workflow

We use all the tools of post-processing and graphic retouching. we are image artists first and foremost.

Artistic Portfolio

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Sleek & Beautiful

Stop the violence

A difficult theme but that can make sense by the image.

Sleek & Beautiful

Africa girl from Mayotte

Sexy, sensual, pensive, what more can you say

Sleek & Beautiful

Judy Studio Session

A light, nothing more effective to go to the essential

Sleek & Beautiful

Nude Artistic

A simple obscure clear

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février 20, 2020 No Comments

The Man Photosession

Many of you, and especially many, have asked me if I am taking male shots. Well yes but unfortunately too little for my taste. The technical approach to a male session is radically different to that of the female. The emotional and artistic points of support are not the same, the morphologies are different so […]

février 19, 2020 No Comments

An artist is above all a vision with a creative spirit and a language …

Each artist has his own vision, his own interpretation as much as the reader has his own perception. There are many combinations to arrive at a feeling of positive or negative and more when taking risks. It is at this moment that I distinguish taking a photo and taking a photo. The first option is […]

janvier 5, 2020 No Comments

Happy new Year 2020 !

I personally want to wish you all a happy New Year and a happy new year 2020, this first year of existence or rather should I say these first 7 months for Picsart studio were full of surprises and meetings.I want to thank the whole community that follows me, thank you. May this new year […]